What me Worry

What me Worry? log1

the story so far

Our two heros: Knom, the meticulous monk, and Grahf Lökstone, the boisterous barbarian, (talk about your archetypical odd couple eh), began the campaign as recruits in the army of the ever expanding country Adjeratnia; an empire on the rise. Their first assignment was to patrol/scout/explore the back roads of Cecropia, a virtually uninhabited region of dense jungle, boot sucking muck and gaseous swamp located on the tropical southern coast of the country. Hardly a job for two heroes! What valor is to be won in this backwoods, ass-end of the world? What glory is in battling toe-fungus and endless swatting, swatting, swatting of bloodsucking biters? Knom and Grahf, undeterred, stumble heedlessly into danger as they come across ancient ruins of a lost civilization. In the bowels of a crumbling mansion they and their platoon discover a crypt and its first come first serve as the tomb is raided. Knom makes out with a mysterious ring and Grahf finds a majestic weapon not seen since the heyday of these enigmatic warriors of old. Alas these treasures seem to yet offer no special benefits to they’re piligers; yet they come at a price as unsealing this crypt enacts a deadly curse. Few escape as the dead rise from the saucy earth in all manner of form. Of their entire platoon only Knom, Grahf and two friends survive: Oliv, the beautiful but imprudent cleric (yowza, she really puts the breast in breastplate [or hellooooo cleric]), and Charos, the all-business fighter (the troupe’s straight man?).

So what do the powers that be have in store for our two illustrious protagonists? Their fevered flight and narrow escape from the chattering maw of undeath seems to have gone unnoticed as their next assignment takes them to the prison town of Belefas near the iron mines of the western coastal mountains of the Sarcodes range. Thus, after a short interlude in town in which Grahf almost looses his hard won mystery weapon to a wily weapon dealer, our party of four is assigned to another seemingly dead-end task, this time guarding what surely are the dregs of humanity. Pity them not, however, for battle is brewing in the north and after helping to thwart a weak but spirited escape escapade by a rag-tag group of inmates (all dead), Knom, Grahf, Oliv and Charros are needed as fuel for the war machine.
The party joins a new platoon led by lieutenant Nußbaum under commander Headley in which they receive special training allowing them to move quickly over off-road terrain and camp unnoticed (gained: the feat endurance). With this training the platoon moves quickly, under the enemy’s radar, to the war front, along with thousands of other troops, to perform a surgical strike and break the lines of the hostile Hideakey army. In the southwestern corner of Hideakey, at the land form composed of two volcanic necks known as the sisters the battle of the same name commenced. Grahf and Knom fought in two key offensives bringing them literally to the brink of death. The Adjeratnians won the day and advanced deep into enemy territory (after a little game of ghost hunter). Cutting off supply to Hideakey of tar and oil imported from Gorgonzola, a country far to the southwest, was of utmost importance to the war effort. Our heros’ platoon made their way north to a major trade road where there orders were to lay in ambush for the next merchant caravan arriving. Now Adjeratnia would see first hand what goods were coming into Hideakey and send a clear message to those who would aid the Hideakeyans in their war efforts. When the caravan did arrive the ambush went off as planned. The party faced of against another party of foolhardy mercenaries/adventurers slaying a young swashbuckler named Chelios and capturing the warrior Halford. The rest of the opposing party, a ranger, a druid and a wizard escaped harmed but unnamed. In the confusion of the escape a lanky, jet-black humanoid creature was witnessed darting from the final cart in the caravan quickly disappearing into the night.
As reinforcements arrived to the front many of the Adjeratnian troops who fought in the glorious, but grievous Battle of the Sisters were relieved. The party rode south along the great northern road to the metropolis and capitol city of Helibrandt. Before being there a night Knom, Grahf, Charros and Oliv alike were awarded the medals of valor and each promoted to sergeant for their deeds at the Battle of the Sisters. As the openly envious commander Headley handed them the medals he bitterly remarked that he had served in seven battles without any recognition; then noted that medals and promotions seem to be handed out like “kisses at a whorehouse” these days. A ceremony commemorating those who received honors in the battle is to be held the next day at “fifteen hundred hours.” It is rumored that grand wizard Phytophthora himself may be in attendance. Knom found a possible lead on the mysterious ring that evening when he consulted a linguistics professor named (I forgot, did you write it down?) who recognized that the inscription on the ring was of Sharastian origin, the enigmatic Sharast are a lost culture who once inhabited what is now known as the Cecropia region. Grahf spent the night at a market selling various spoils and adding a canine member to the party. The new member has yet to be named.



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